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a minor update

doesn’t really even qualify for a 9.1 release, but a note. this new design has meant a lot of images going away, since i’m currently only showing the full post for the first item, and the post excerpt for all subsequent items.

i’ve made a change to show the ‘featured’ image within post excerpts, to bring back an image for each post (if i’ve attached an image and tagged it as featured). i’ll do some different formatting for this image depending upon the layout of the page, but for now – images will be back.

posted in sitenews by mike, on January 28, 2011 Comments Off on a minor update

version nine point-o

this is the ninth major iteration for the design of my site, and it’s quite a doozy. i’ve been working on it a bit at a time for weeks now, finally at a point where it matches my vision so I made it public. i had a few goals in mind when I started this […]

meet the new mikeyboy

so on top of everything else going on in my life, i got the itch to redesign my blog. it’s been a while. the new design is something i’ve had rattling around in my brain for a while, and i finally took a bit of time to bring it all together. this is the eighth […]

welcome our newest blogger: the Mrs.

for about a decade now, has been a solo blog. just me, blathering about just what i’m thinking about, sporadically. that doesn’t really reflect who i am though, or my life and what affects me. for the past eight years, someone has been by my side for this crazy ride we call ‘life.’ and […]

nixed tweets

just a quick site news update – had to remove the Twitter Tools widget from the utility column. Twitter is having issues (again) and the plugin i was using to retrieve my latest tweets was not written to handle Twitter being unavailable. it may return in the future, but breath holding is not recommended.

27 Jun 2008

site update: a bit of design work

not earth-shattering developments, but i’ve made a few updates to my site theme that may or may not be interesting, depending on whether you are a geek or not. in no particular order, the changes include: the site name is larger, and the byline is moved to the right of it the main page width […]

so things look different…

i liked the old design okay. it was a quick new thing when i switched to wordpress. this new design incorporates a 3 column layout, built with techniques i learned from this old school tutorial at the sidebar is different – i canned the archive links. who wants to read this by month? use […]

feeds change

just a note: since i changed CMS systems, the address for the RSS feed has changed. i recently implemented a permanent redirect, but for future reference, the new RSS URL is: /feed/

29 Nov 2007

trying offline editing, again

so, i’m trying an offline blogging tool again. i’ve recently purchased TextMate – a really great code editor for Mac OS X. it turns out TextMate has a “Blogging” bundle that i can use to push new posts to my blogs. all b’zillion of them. let’s see if it works — if you’re reading this, […]

27 Nov 2007

well now, that's different

something has changed here! after just a few years running the Drupal content management system, i’ve switched again. this time, to WordPress. why? because i want to be like the coolkids. no, i kid. sorta. because i don’t need Drupal. i don’t need the extensive community-supporting framework. i just need a blog, and i want […]

25 Nov 2007