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everyone is your friend in new york city

and everything is beautiful, when you’re young and pretty.

or at least, that’s what They Might Be Giants told me once, in a song.

view from my hotel

last week around this time, i was attending the Future Of Web Design workshops and conference. i got in my focus and i drove down to manhattan last sunday. yeah, probably crazy. who knew it was marathon day? well, i arrived as the race was ending, so that wasn’t a problem. just some very tired looking folks wandering around wrapped in space blankets.

the conference was pretty good. i did learn a bit. there was a common thread that i don’t think they expected, but a lot of people were interested in workflow and process improvement. most of the speakers did pretty well; a few had some nerves but eventually loosened up.

as far as networking, not much opportunity. workshop day was pretty busy, and i was tired and grumpy for some reason. i thought, conference day would have more people and mingling in between speakers. well – not really. between speakers they blasted music so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think, much less strike up a conversation. if you walked out from the main venue area, it was almost completely dark.

so, i enjoyed being in new york, i got probably as much value out of the conference as i paid in, and after a couple days i was completely exhausted and ready to get home.

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pack monadnock

while my parents were visiting this past weekend, we took them for a trip up the auto-road in Miller State Park. it’s a paved road that runs 2½ miles up Pack Monadnock mountain. from the top, it’s possible to see Mt Monadnock to the west… the White Mountains to the north… Manchester to the east… […]

29 Oct 2008

drive out to the Oregon coast

while i was in Portland, i took 1/2 a day to drive out to Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park. it was cloudy on the other side of the mountains, but i took many pictures, nonetheless. here’s a link to my oregon coast drive photoset on flickr, and a sampling is below. this is cannon […]

27 May 2008

the rain and the sun

the rain saturday night i stayed in portland, after a drive out to cannon beach and astoria (pictures to come, i promise!) while relaxing back at the hotel, my locally brewed organic IPA was interrupted by a roll of thunder. then it started raining. it rained at a rate, the likes of which i’m not […]

the stout scarab

while we were in maine last month, we visited the owls head transportation museum. one of the pieces on display was a 1935 Stout Scarab. a handbuilt car of which only a handful were ever produced. it was ridiculously expensive for the time. i finally remembered to look it up – get this. rear engine, […]

10 Dec 2007

Day 11: Lancaster NY to Manchester NH

we’re here. the last 400-ish miles were ones that we’ve trod before. this time, was uneventful. we took our new preferred, summer-only route through vermont, and stopped, as always, at McNeil’s Brewery in Brattleboro (no website – doesn’t open until 4!).

i’ll work on a synopsis of the whole trip, but first we’ve got some household-establishing duties that require more attention.

Day 10: Lancaster and Lackawanna

while it sounds like a good name for a short-line railroad, Lancaster and Lackawanna simply describe where we spent most of our time today.

first, we stopped by the local Citizens Bank branch to get some notarizations for our closing documents. then we hit the nearest FedEx Kinkos to send them out. done. house should be sold!

lunch at Panera Bread before we visited with some relatives in Lackawanna.

12 Sep 2007

Day 9: Georgetown KY to Lancaster NY

posting this from my parents house – we made it to Lancaster on day 9. i drove all the way, i guess the familiar roads didn’t wear on me so much. i have to say, i’m kinda tired of I-90 construction in Pennsylvania by now. although, it’s much more pleasant during the day, and without cats in the vehicle.