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climbing the ladder

no, i didn’t get a promotion at work (the boss doesn’t like me). but Julie still loves the ladder. i dragged it out to clean the arch window in the great room, and within 60 seconds of setting it up – here we go!

posted in house, minutiae, pets by mike, on October 3, 2010 Comments Off on climbing the ladder

sally suddenly obsessed with fish

picture of our dog, sally, staring into the fish tank

just a quip to share with you. let’s all mark our calendars: the 17th day of January, in the year 2006 — the day which the dog became aware of the fish.

shortly after this picture was taken, i had to line the floor with a towel to catch the drool/slobber (droobber?)

i don’t generally have a problem with this, but if she suddenly lunges at the tank, we’ll have about 29 gallons of water to deal with, all over the living room floor.

not that i’m a big fan of the living room floor, mind you. but i prefer to keep the fishtank water inside the fishtank. call me ‘old-fashioned.’

18 Jan 2006

sally playing in the snow

so, you may have seen a picture of sally in my last post. but here she is, officially!

and she loves the snow! watch her roll in it, then try and look dignified after.

picture of sally the dog, about to roll in the snow

4 Dec 2005