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well now, that's different

something has changed here!

after just a few years running the Drupal content management system, i’ve switched again. this time, to WordPress.


because i want to be like the coolkids. no, i kid. sorta.

because i don’t need Drupal. i don’t need the extensive community-supporting framework. i just need a blog, and i want the most advanced blog software available. i want to get into developing themes and plugins as well, and this allows me to concentrate on making them for one system.

so, to begin all this, i made this theme. from the ground up, created every file and wrote (almost) every line. the only parts of code i repurposed were the logic for conditional comment display (from the default WordPress theme), and a CSS reset developed by Eric Meyer. (read my CSS file, i attribute the code to him).

for now, things may be sparse and not every dark corner may have been fully fleshed out. i’m working on it. but i’ve been getting emails from people (hi, mom!) wondering why i haven’t updated my site in a while. well, this is why.

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