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Greg chillin

sometimes he’s pretty relaxed.

posted in family by mike, on June 1, 2011 Comments Off on Greg chillin

fuzzy head

so we’re unable to give Gregory a real bath yet for various medical reasons, but today we had to sponge bathe him and clean his hair. it got fuzzier!

25 Oct 2010

meet Greg!

please help us welcome into this world Gregory Michael Susz. he was born at 9:54pm on 10/17/10, at 41 weeks gestation (1 week overdue). we brought him home today and everyone’s getting settled in. at birth he was 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 21 ½” long. and he’s cute. hair! heading home!

August is here

last year on August 8th, we spent the night up at Dartmouth in the ‘Koala Suite’ – a special room in the ICN where parents room in with their babies for a night before they are discharged. a test for the parents, for sure. thankfully, they did this 2 days before Justin was allowed to […]

hai 2 u 2

this is Lincoln. Lincoln Mercury, to be more precise. (this will not be his real name). but he’s definitely en-route. pictured above, he’s at 27 weeks & 1 day. he’s measuring about a week ahead of his big brother. it’s looking like he will arrive ahead of schedule also, but not as early as Justin. […]

13 Jul 2010