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yay! the spammers love me.

so, the spammers decided to send emails out with domain names as the return address. if this is your first time reading due to one of these emails – congratulations! you found my mundane weblog about random boring crap that happens to me.

but i didn’t email you about viagra or stock tips. sorry.

look different? new host + new software!

yes, things look quite different. let me explain.

i’ve switched web hosting companies, which in itself should not make a marked difference in the site. but while i did this, i upgraded my site to the latest release candidate of Drupal, an Open Source website management system (they call it “community plumbing” and i think that suits it well).

a brave new world of web publishing

so, i’ve begun experimenting with a desktop client to update my site from.

generally this is meaningless to the reader, unless the reader is a geek like me. what this will do, however, is allow me to update this site using a simple desktop application on my computer. this will allow me to more easily work offline and update more frequently — that’s good for everybody!

18 Apr 2006

theme update

updated my theme a bit. wanted to show off some of my photos in Flickr on the right.

look for more and subtle updates in the near future.

17 Apr 2006

site updates – updated CMS software, and URL aliases

here’s one for the geeks in the audience (sorry, mom & mom-in-law).

i’ve recently updated my site to the latest stable release of my content management system, and discovered functionality (that’s existed in it for quite some time) to alias the big ugly URLs i was previously using, down to nice quick ones.

for example:

this url: is now represented simply as:

probably doesn’t mean a hill of beans to anyone but me, but i think it’s fun. and it should help google to classify my content as well.

28 Mar 2006

experimenting with comments

this morning you may have seen links to post comments on articles. i’m experimenting with the comment module in my site software. i’ve since turned it back off for a while; my design template doesn’t display it too well so i’ll need to tweak that over the weekend.

i plan to enable moderated comments first, and we’ll see how that goes. after which i may allow anonymous comments.

my fear though is that folks looking to spam or otherwise post inappropriate content might find this blog and go to town. this is obviously unacceptable (both my mom and my mother-in-law read this — hi moms!) so moderation will probably be the rule for a while.

3 Feb 2006

meet the new boss — again! has once again changed content management systems.

what does this mean? it depends who’s asking! for anyone who reads this (my god, why do you bother reading this?) anyway.

for a normal visitor to the site, you’ll notice things look a bit different, and the organizational structure is new.

hopefully this means the site will be easier to navigate. it also means, that’s it’s much easier for me to create new content — so i have one less excuse as to why i don’t do that more often.

for any geeks in the audience, i’ve switched from the mambo server content management system to the drupal framework.

why? various reasons.

7 Oct 2005