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so things look different…

i liked the old design okay. it was a quick new thing when i switched to wordpress.

this new design incorporates a 3 column layout, built with techniques i learned from this old school tutorial at

the sidebar is different – i canned the archive links. who wants to read this by month? use the Search feature if you need to find something in particular.

also the banner graphic, while it overlapped the content area slightly, i thought it could be more prominent – yet, less distracting.

the font face is defaulted to Helvetica, and will degrade to Microsoft Sans Serif in the absense of Helvetica. if neither is found, your system’s default sans-serif font is loaded.

oops, i almost forgot to mention – the images on the left are the latest feed from my flickr photostream.

there are lots of other little tweaks to improve readability and usability. plus a few that might be functional or fun (doesn’t that first line of each paragraph look darker?) enjoy! feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns.

one response to “so things look different…”

frank says:

so I notice the new design does not pass html validation?

On first glance a number of the errors may be due to raw html entered as part of your post?

posted on February 13, 2008