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Never-ending Projects

Today is VOP day–there will be victory over the paper that hasn’t been filed in it’s proper place!

On a side note, the master bath has finally been finished. It’s very pretty and I’m quite happy with the results. Finally, the horrible gold that we’ve lived with for almost 4 years is gone. I can’t say I’ll miss it.

This room now matches the master bedroom.

posted in house, minutiae by carrie, on August 11, 2012 Comments Off on Never-ending Projects

leveling off

things at home are still crazy, anticipating the arrival of Lincoln Mercury (that will not be his real name). but i have been able to block out some time to work on projects here and there. one that i’ve been really wanting to get done is to take care of the low spot in back […]

climbing the ladder

no, i didn’t get a promotion at work (the boss doesn’t like me). but Julie still loves the ladder. i dragged it out to clean the arch window in the great room, and within 60 seconds of setting it up – here we go!

3 Oct 2010

an afternoon in the forest

anyone who’s been to our house will know that about 60% of our lot is trees. a fairly thick forest, with a lot of scrub, underbrush, and deadfall – the result of a long period of absolutely no forestry management or maintenance. plus, a lot of the downed trees and limbs are due to the […]

water in the woods

taking a look at the snowpack melt/runoff in our woods. thankfully it runs sideways and drains into the ditch on the far edge of our property.

15 Mar 2010

busy and visit

as most new parents can relate, our house has been a bit of a mess. and by a bit, i mean completely. we’d spent the three months prior to bringing Justin home, driving up to Dartmouth and back. and spent the first three months of having him home, trying to get the necessities done and […]

as autumn approaches

“the chilly nights are a clear sign: summer is over. the school bus now makes its rounds at 8:15 and 3:45. windows closed, extra blanket back on the bed. and our first fall season as a family.” a status report as summer ends and fall arrives.

bedroom painting project

we wanted to do something interesting with the paint in our master bedroom. the paint color that it was, while not only being poorly executed, was something similar to this. we decided on blue over white all the way around, and to create some visual interest on one wall, we did random stripes: although it […]

mum is the word

yes, i’ve been quiet. but it’s been a busy sort of quiet. to bring everyone up to speed: we’ve moved. carrie has taken another section of the CPA i’ve been insane mad crazy busy doing web work we’re preparing for our first guests at the house and speaking of the house, i guess i should […]