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bedroom painting project

we wanted to do something interesting with the paint in our master bedroom. the paint color that it was, while not only being poorly executed, was something similar to this.

we decided on blue over white all the way around, and to create some visual interest on one wall, we did random stripes:

bedroom painting project

bedroom painting project

bedroom painting project

although it took quite a while, we really love it. and we’re finally sleeping in our master bedroom!

the room is really big, so while it seems like it might be overpowering or seizure-inducing in these few photos, it’s not quite so dramatic while you’re in the room.

4 responses to “bedroom painting project”

Frank says:

For what it is worth, I just scanned your wall using the android barcode scanner and it registers as a book on Malaysian tribal dances.

posted on October 25, 2008

Joel says:

Holy crap I LOVE it! Nice execution, dude.

posted on October 29, 2008

50pascals says:

Prime opportunity missed to choose your own barcode!

posted on October 30, 2008

heidi says:

This is fabulous! Want to come paint my house?

posted on December 3, 2008