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as autumn approaches

justin09132009the chilly nights are a clear sign: summer is over. the school bus now makes its rounds at 8:15 and 3:45. windows closed, extra blanket back on the bed. and our first fall season as a family.

while taking care of Justin is our priority, we’re still attempting to finish up a few projects before winter hits (and then our projects shift to what we can accomplish indoors). i’ve also been extremely busy with web work, which i shouldn’t ever complain about.

while i’ve been coding, carrie has been working to clean and seal the deck. this is another one of the routine maintenance items that the former owners seemed to neglect. she’s got it all cleaned, has one coat of stain on the railings, and she’s waiting for the next clear day to continue staining.

landscaping under the deck will follow, and can continue even when the weather gets a bit chillier.  a good layer of landscape fabric should take care of the carpenter ant problem we had this summer (apparently, there is a lot of wood buried under the deck). we’ll see what else we can get done before … the flakes start to fly!

(and of course, these updates are a flimsy excuse to post a new Justin picture – enjoy!)

3 responses to “as autumn approaches”

leanne says:

Yay, look at him! How handsome and adorable. Glad you guys are able to get back to a (somewhat) normal life.

posted on September 16, 2009

mom says:

IT has to be the moose again! Justin always has that suspicious look with moose…..maybe it is the ears! Give him a smooch from Grandma until I get to smooch him again for myself! He really is the CMO in your house

posted on September 16, 2009

Memere says:

He sure looks like Mikey now.

posted on September 20, 2009