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Internet + Rocks

How is it that weekends keep getting shorter? This thought struck me when I was digging out a couple of large rocks yesterday afternoon. Sure, Saturday, we waited out rain that just never ended and then Sunday was…plants and rocks. It seems that everywhere I wanted to plant a rhododendron or a forsythia, someone had already come by and planted a rock, the jerks! (I’m told that the someone is the builder in a couple of cases.) On the bright side, I uncovered more of a really pretty piece of ledge that sticks up out of the ground near the edge of the property! I’d plant things near that one, but I’m positive that many rocks have been planted there already.

So what the heck does this have to do with the internet? Nothing, actually! But, with the acquisition of a house in the sticks came the dilemma over what to do about an internet connection. Satellite? Dialup? T1? You see, Comcast and Fairpoint don’t seem to know where my town is and if you look for “internet” and “Rindge”, you get this nifty little article from the New York Times commenting about how all the major internet providers have skipped the town and only service the surrounding areas. The article is from 2006. If that’s not enough to call attention to the town’s lack of internet, I don’t know what is.

Maybe there’s a lack of internet because everyone is just too busy planting rocks.

Goodbye House


we left the house yesterday. the buyer’s inspector was just showing up. let’s hope that went well.


also trashed my home-improvement shoes. lots of miles on these, all within the boundaries of this lot (well, and to the dump & back)

4 Sep 2007

moving toward moving

so, we’re getting there. slower than i would have liked, but we’re getting there.

first, news: the house is subject to inspection. so, hopefully all will go well tuesday and we will have sold our house.

second, carrie is back in town and helping me to liquidate our remaining possessions here. we’re hoping to have it all sorted out by tomorrow.

third, that means that on sunday, we could leave on our 2nd trip. i will blog about it here, but the second trip will be the “fun” one.

31 Aug 2007

stone cold!

yeah, here’s what i’ve been doing for the past week. i even managed to grievously injure myself in the process! read through to see all the progress.

9 yards of stone
9 yards of stone

1 Aug 2007

our new garage door

so, we purchased a garage door. it was a demo unit at a local door store called, “the door house.” their retail store is painted purple with multi colored stripes and accents. guess what the demo door we purchased looks like?

our new garage door - needs paint


27 Jul 2007


quick quiz: which garden tool will i be spending the next few days with?


sadly, not my hoe.

sneak preview: kitchen

okay, here’s a sneak preview of the kitchen. the marble & backsplash have 3 coats of sealer, so it’s essentially done.

kitchen counters

for those that have seen the kitchen “before” you know this is a big deal. heh.

20 Jul 2007

21 days update: things are rolling

21 days until our trip, and we’ve got momentum on the big projects. the kitchen is still sitting at around 90% complete. have to caulk, paint, and install the stick-down floor. oh and finish sealing the countertops/backsplashes.

bathroom is where it’s really happening. tub surround and floor are tiled & grouted. tub plumbing (supply & waste) are done & solid (no leaks). lighting & GFCI outlet installed.

16 Jul 2007

caulk is cheap

sometimes i wonder what previous owners were thinking when they did these things.



on second thought … i don’t really want to know.

13 Jul 2007