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busy and visit

as most new parents can relate, our house has been a bit of a mess. and by a bit, i mean completely. we’d spent the three months prior to bringing Justin home, driving up to Dartmouth and back. and spent the first three months of having him home, trying to get the necessities done and maintain our sanity.

justin.2009.11.2for our sakes, i’m happy to report that Justin is a very good baby. he’s laid back, he loves routine, and he sleeps through the night.

developmentally, his complications of prematurity have pretty much gone away. he’ll go back to see a pediatric ophthalmologist, but the Retinopathy has faded.

he’s above the 50th percentile for weight & length for his adjusted age (calculated from when his due date should have been). he’s obviously still well below average for his actual age (as he was 3 months early). for motor-skills, he’s grasping and sweeping, but not quite yet rolling over. he’s trying to, though, it’s only a matter of time.

so, back to the ‘busy & visit’ – we’ve been wanting to get our house back into order, and we had the pefect excuse – we hosted my brother and his family (from Western New York) for Thanksgiving this year. it was the first time we’ve ever hosted Thanksgiving (and the first time we’ve had guests with children stay with us) so we put a lot of time into cleaning & organizing in anticipation of being outnumbered for a few days.

justin2009.11.1everything went swimmingly; we had a lot of fun, we ate turkey dinner when the turkey was done, we played board & card games, we had a relaxing time.

Justin went with all of us to the New England Aquarium. his cousins had a great time, and he watched the fish swim by in the giant salt water tank (i think at this point it’s still about the contrast) while i carried him around in a Baby Bjorn that we borrowed from our (super-nice!) neighbors. he loved it!

so, after a busy busy November, we’re left with great memories and a clean house. now, on to the next set of house projects.

2 responses to “busy and visit”

Jason Duval says:

Hey Guys!!!

What a stud! He is beautiful! (Glad I could get that in while it is still permissible due to his age). Was thinking about you guys and wanted to check in and see how things are when I remembered this site. Wow! Congratulations! Looks like things are going well, last I had heard, Carrie had moved on to greener pastures job wise. Looks like home is the perfect place to be these days. Had a bit of a coming to Jesus myself last year and am glad I did. Things are great, business can always be better, however I am just glad to still be in the real estate game unlike many of my fallen comrades. Love the painting you did in the featured room. (Very PC from a real estate view point). Drop me a note sometime, I would love to meet the new man of the house. Take care.


posted on December 14, 2009

mom says:

Love the colors. What made you guys change your minds

posted on January 1, 2010