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what we’re up to

yep, it’s been almost a full quarter of a year since i updated. life is busy, as you could imagine. i hope you’ll forgive me if i offer up a photo:

justin is now 10 months old, and at his last neonatal follow-up he weighed 16lbs, 2.5oz. and he’s a hoot.

look out, new year!

look out, new year – here comes Justin! Happy New Year to all. thank you for following along with us on our adventure in 2009. it’s had ups and downs. but we made it! we’re looking forward to a 2010 with many more ups.

busy and visit

as most new parents can relate, our house has been a bit of a mess. and by a bit, i mean completely. we’d spent the three months prior to bringing Justin home, driving up to Dartmouth and back. and spent the first three months of having him home, trying to get the necessities done and […]

baby’s first halloween

enough said, right? unfortunately,20-30mph winds and rain kept the trick-or-treater volume low this year. next year we’ll be taking Justin out in our neighborhood!

as autumn approaches

“the chilly nights are a clear sign: summer is over. the school bus now makes its rounds at 8:15 and 3:45. windows closed, extra blanket back on the bed. and our first fall season as a family.” a status report as summer ends and fall arrives.

the family at home

“Justin came home from the ICN this past Monday! he was in the hospital for ninety-three days after being born.” an update about his homecoming and how we’re doing.

are you ready

“we’re within a month of Justin’s original due date. while everyone else would have been preparing the nursery, assembling the crib, buying cute outfits, stocking up on diapers… we’ve been driving.” a bit of perspective on our journey so far.

meet the new mikeyboy

so on top of everything else going on in my life, i got the itch to redesign my blog. it’s been a while. the new design is something i’ve had rattling around in my brain for a while, and i finally took a bit of time to bring it all together. this is the eighth […]

justin today

we realized the only public photo we’ve shared is justin on a ventilator, the day he was born. he’s come a long, long way since then. here he is now: 3lbs, 8.8oz. happily sleeping with mom holding him.