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the family at home

Justin on August 15th, 2009Justin came home from the ICN this past Monday! he was in the hospital for ninety-three days after being born. his original due date was this past Friday – August 14th.

we have kept a low profile, getting settled in to having him home. Carrie and i are both very excited, relieved, and anxious. but mostly excited. it’s not as scary as i had expected, as we’ve* been taking care of his day-to-day needs in the hospital for months now. (*okay, Carrie’s been doing most of it since i have been working)

he’s doing quite well at home. he gets two visits each week from a Visiting Nurse to check him out, weigh him, and make sure he’s okay. they’ll be coming by for the next 3-4 weeks.

the only piece of equipment he’s still hooked up to is a portable pulse oximeter that lets us keep an eye on his Oxygen saturation while he eats. he’s generally been great about that, however, making sure to breathe and stop to take a break if he needs it.

Justin’s been to see his new pediatrician already, and will go back to see them again next week. Justin also has an ophthalmologist appointment back up at Dartmouth this week, to track how his eyes are developing.

i want to take some time, again, to express our deepest gratitude for everyone who has been following along, and offering your thoughts, prayers, and assistance. you have all been incredible in supporting us and we look forward to sharing with you the joy we experience while raising our son!

3 responses to “the family at home”

mom says:

This is the next step of normal. Hold, rocking, bonding………hearing every little sound Justin makes, and much more.
I finally got to hear his voice, after 93 days! I was very excited.

I knew the both of you would be OK when Justin came home, that’s why he came home!
Prayers are still being sent.
Hugs & kisses

posted on August 16, 2009

Peter R. Wood says:

Glad to hear that everything is going well at home!

posted on August 16, 2009

heidi says:

YAY! So glad he’s home. He’s completely adorable (of course)!

posted on August 17, 2009