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justin today

we realized the only public photo we’ve shared is justin on a ventilator, the day he was born. he’s come a long, long way since then. here he is now: 3lbs, 8.8oz. happily sleeping with mom holding him.


posted in family by mike, on June 25, 2009

4 responses to “justin today”

Rhiann says:

This picture truly puts into perspective just how tiny he is. Thanks for sharing!

posted on June 26, 2009

Peter R. Wood says:

Awesome! So glad that you’re able to hold him now. That’s such an important thing for both him and you!

posted on June 26, 2009

mom says:

this photo takes your breath away! puts me in mind of the anne geddes series………

posted on June 27, 2009

Seth says:

Wow, I can’t believe how much hair he has! crazy. Glad he’s doing well.

posted on July 15, 2009