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Day 8: Nashville TN to Georgetown KY

not as much driving today. we were in nashville most of the day, waiting for my car to get done. thankfully, the hotel i randomly chose in the West End was half a mile from Centennial Park, and across the street from Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery.

after getting a ride back from the Ford dealer to the hotel, carrie and i walked down to Centennial Park and saw the Parthenon. it’s the only full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the world. there was a lot of other interesting stuff in that park, including a 4-8-4 steam locomotive.

after the park, we walked back down West End, stopped briefly at a Fedex Kinkos to print out our closing documents. while in Kinkos, the skies opened up. it was most fortunate timing.

after the rain let up, we walked down to Blackstone for lunch. good food, good beer. some GABF winners in their lineup.

we utilized public transportation to get back to the Ford dealer, after much grousing on the phone about how many ways their shuttle is. the cost for 2 new tires, rotate and balance was pretty reasonable. the vibration is better; i still think i have a wheel bearing heading south. it should make it to NH fine though.

we drove from Nashville TN to Lexington KY to meet up for dinner with some of carrie’s friends. after that, we hit the road for a bit longer and decided to call it a night just north of Lexington.

and that’s it. today should be Buffalo NY by sundown.

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Day 7: Fort Smith AR to Nashville TN

today we drove from the westernmost edge of Arkansas, to the middle of Tennessee. we stopped in Nashville to have dinner at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium and we decided to stay in town tonight. i’ve got a vibration from my passenger side front wheel that isn’t making me feel special. so we’ll find a dealer tomorrow to check it out before we leave town.

9 Sep 2007

Day 6: McPherson KS to Fort Smith AR

well, we’re here. in Fort Smith, Arkansas. we didn’t get to leave Hutchinson/McPherson until about 3 in the afternoon, so we didn’t make Memphis today.

i have now driven in Oklahoma (down from Wichita KS through Tulsa to Fort Smith) and i have to say: your roads suck. SUCK. Oklahoma, you’re NOT OK. i just paid 8 different tolls to drive down a couple hundred miles of what you call a freeway, and i think my kidneys are bruised.

i’m exhausted at about 12:30am and that’s good; we’ve been stuck on Pacific Time. i think we’re finally hitting MDT at least, if not CDT.

Day 5: Hutchinson KS

Day 5 was pretty laid back. we stayed in McPherson another night, and visited some friends in Hutchinson Kansas. hung out at their house most of the day, and then went to the Kansas State Fair for a few hours.

Day 3: Denver

day 3 was spent in Denver/Golden. quite a lazy day, i must admit.

we had breakfast at Einstein Brothers Bagels, then dealt with some paperwork for the house. then we got one of my tires balanced (that threw a wheel weight somewhere in Wyoming) and had lunch/dinner at Falling Rock Tap House. after dinner we drove around Denver a bit, stopped at Argonaut to pick up some local beer to take with us, and went back to the hotel.

6 Sep 2007

Day 2: Ogden UT to Golden CO

day 2 started out with finding a Starbucks (in Utah? yeah, there are a couple) we found one in Riverdale. after buying our good cup of joe, and a pound of coffee to be sent to our troops, we headed out. this is the mountainey view from Riverdale:


and here’s the entomological carnage from Day 1:


Day 1: Everett WA to Ogden UT

we left Everett, WA around 9am yesterday (Sept 3rd, Labor Day). a stop in Issaquah for coffee & breakfast, then we headed east across Snoqualmie Pass. at Ellensburg, we turned southeast towards Yakima, and eventually Oregon.

we finally saw hops growing in Yakima, albeit at highway speed:


4 Sep 2007

travel companions

these were my compatriots on the first trip back east. 3111 miles in the ranger with these two. thank goodness they slept most of the time. here’s kelly looking very well-adjusted:


and here’s nora, when she decided not to wait for kelly to move — she just plopped down on top of him and they both fell asleep.


16 Aug 2007