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the rain and the sun

the rain

saturday night i stayed in portland, after a drive out to cannon beach and astoria (pictures to come, i promise!) while relaxing back at the hotel, my locally brewed organic IPA was interrupted by a roll of thunder. then it started raining.

it rained at a rate, the likes of which i’m not sure i’ve seen before; in the northeast, in the northwest. the only thing i can think of being comparable was being caught in a rain & hail storm in wisconsin when we were driving out to Seattle in ’01.

my friend greg put an audio clip of the storm on his blog, it’s neat.

the sun

sunday, i drove back up to Seattle, via Bremerton for a dual-purpose on the peninsula. first, visiting my friend Charles at a SCCA Northwest Region Autocross event. it was cool – i got to watch the 2nd morning run, then i walked the course for the afternoon runs before departing.

my other reason for heading out on the peninsula was to enjoy lunch at Silver City Brewing in silverdale. enjoy, i surely did. it was departing Silver City when i started to notice that my forehead hurt. i forgot to bring a hat on this trip, and i guess the half-hour or so that it was actually sunny while i was at the autocross, was enough to fry me. it figures that the only time it was sunny on this trip, i got sunburned.

so if you’re in the greater seattle area today and you see a large, round, bright red orb floating at you – don’t worry. it’s just my head. say hi!

posted in travel by mike, on May 26, 2008

one response to “the rain and the sun”

jookyg says:

That was a heckuva storm, eh?

Man, it was good to see you this weekend. I don’t often befriend my work mates, and rarely keep in touch, but you’re one of the good ones. We’re definitely looking forward to your next visit with Carrie. Woo hoo, par-tay at the Sandy Bottom!

posted on May 26, 2008