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Day 10: Lancaster and Lackawanna

while it sounds like a good name for a short-line railroad, Lancaster and Lackawanna simply describe where we spent most of our time today.

first, we stopped by the local Citizens Bank branch to get some notarizations for our closing documents. then we hit the nearest FedEx Kinkos to send them out. done. house should be sold!

lunch at Panera Bread before we visited with some relatives in Lackawanna.

generally low-key. tonight we hope to sleep fast so we can wake up early, and head to Rochester to have breakfast with my brother, before continuing on to New Hampshire. Day 11 is the home stretch.

(okay, a quick stop in Brattleboro VT is probably in order, at McNeils. their beer is too good to drive through without picking up a few 22’s to enjoy later!)

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