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Day 9: Georgetown KY to Lancaster NY

posting this from my parents house – we made it to Lancaster on day 9. i drove all the way, i guess the familiar roads didn’t wear on me so much. i have to say, i’m kinda tired of I-90 construction in Pennsylvania by now. although, it’s much more pleasant during the day, and without cats in the vehicle.

we drove north out of Georgetown (just north of Lexington) on I-75. we split to I-71, then took a jaunt on 79 over to Akron to go to an Acme Fresh Market it is, as far as we know, the northern/easternmost location to purchase beer brewed by Three Floyds brewing. if you ever get the opportunity, try some of their beer. it’s amazing.

anyway, rolling north out of Akron we eventually skirted around Cleveland (i don’t care if it “rocks”) and onto the familiar 90 for the quick trip up Lake Erie to Buffalo.

Day 10 begins with getting our closing papers for the house signed, notarized, and fedexed.

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