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Day 1: Everett WA to Ogden UT

we left Everett, WA around 9am yesterday (Sept 3rd, Labor Day). a stop in Issaquah for coffee & breakfast, then we headed east across Snoqualmie Pass. at Ellensburg, we turned southeast towards Yakima, and eventually Oregon.

we finally saw hops growing in Yakima, albeit at highway speed:


carrie took over when we stopped for gas just before the Oregon border. Oregon doesn’t let you pump your own gas, which is whack. so i didn’t want to give them any tax money. and we didn’t – she drove straight through to Idaho while i napped occasionally.

Idaho had a lot of this stuff:

roundish brown mountains

but at least we found Bliss there:

we found bliss

we decided with my catnaps that we could make it to Ogden, UT before stopping. right around 830 miles. after a good night’s sleep (starting to realy like Comfort Suites beds) today we’re headed to Denver via Wyoming. i really wanted to do the southern route through Colorado, but it adds about an hour and a half onto the trip.

Eastward to Denver – today is lighter, only about 530 miles. we’re still making up for leaving a day late — this should put us back on schedule.

posted in travel by mike, on September 4, 2007

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