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Day 6: McPherson KS to Fort Smith AR

well, we’re here. in Fort Smith, Arkansas. we didn’t get to leave Hutchinson/McPherson until about 3 in the afternoon, so we didn’t make Memphis today.

i have now driven in Oklahoma (down from Wichita KS through Tulsa to Fort Smith) and i have to say: your roads suck. SUCK. Oklahoma, you’re NOT OK. i just paid 8 different tolls to drive down a couple hundred miles of what you call a freeway, and i think my kidneys are bruised.

i’m exhausted at about 12:30am and that’s good; we’ve been stuck on Pacific Time. i think we’re finally hitting MDT at least, if not CDT.

tomorrow – through Little Rock to Memphis and Nashville. yee-haw! pray for not so much rain. they’ve been getting a lot. i don’t want to drive in it.

one response to “Day 6: McPherson KS to Fort Smith AR”

Frank Bascio says:

If you get the opportunity, swing by Heber Springs.. nice little town in Arkansas with good memories for me 🙂

posted on September 9, 2007