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Day 8: Nashville TN to Georgetown KY

not as much driving today. we were in nashville most of the day, waiting for my car to get done. thankfully, the hotel i randomly chose in the West End was half a mile from Centennial Park, and across the street from Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery.

after getting a ride back from the Ford dealer to the hotel, carrie and i walked down to Centennial Park and saw the Parthenon. it’s the only full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the world. there was a lot of other interesting stuff in that park, including a 4-8-4 steam locomotive.

after the park, we walked back down West End, stopped briefly at a Fedex Kinkos to print out our closing documents. while in Kinkos, the skies opened up. it was most fortunate timing.

after the rain let up, we walked down to Blackstone for lunch. good food, good beer. some GABF winners in their lineup.

we utilized public transportation to get back to the Ford dealer, after much grousing on the phone about how many ways their shuttle is. the cost for 2 new tires, rotate and balance was pretty reasonable. the vibration is better; i still think i have a wheel bearing heading south. it should make it to NH fine though.

we drove from Nashville TN to Lexington KY to meet up for dinner with some of carrie’s friends. after that, we hit the road for a bit longer and decided to call it a night just north of Lexington.

and that’s it. today should be Buffalo NY by sundown.

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