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wistful posts episode VI: a new hope

i promised you there would be only three of these (first, second), so this is the last one.

one year ago. carrie and i were on our second, and final, trip back east. we had just driven from arkansas to nashville, spent a day in nashville, and had dinner with friends in kentucky. then we drove to buffalo.

everything up to this point had been new; i had just traveled through a dozen states i’d never even visited before. it was a homecoming, of sorts, but it felt surreal. it was like turning a page in a book and realizing the chapter ends on the facing side.

i really need to quit with these analogies, but they’re just too fitting. so here we go with the title: a new hope.

(yes, another Star Wars reference, that’s why the third post is episode #6. don’t ask me, ask george lucas!)

in one week, god (and bank) willing, we close on a house in the monadnock region of new hampshire.

what we write from here is uncertain. we have an outline. but i suspect: there will be comedy, and there will be tragedy. mind, body, spirit, and resolve, will be challenged.

we will have epiphanies, and we will slowly discover the lessons that are only learned by seeing, by hearing, and by doing.

and there will be new characters introduced, who will go on to be the protagonists of sequels.

posted in minutiae by mike, on September 11, 2008

2 responses to “wistful posts episode VI: a new hope”

Mom says:

interesting! can’t wait to see how this chapter unfolds….congratulations to BOTH of you. chalk it all up to growing pains

posted on September 11, 2008

admin says:

thanks mom.

and to the star wars fans, yes, i realize i called this episode VI but “a new hope” was the title to episode IV. with the new house and all, it just seemed more fitting. besides, the jedi returned a year ago.

posted on September 13, 2008