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all about the benjamins

i promise i will keep the wistful postings to a minimum. but here’s another (there will probably be three total).

exactly one year ago – rather, on this date last year at this exact time (this is a Leap Year, remember) i had left Washington Mutual‘s offices for the last time, and i was having a drink or several with a hand-selected group of the people whom i respected and admired while i got to work with them.

at Collins Pub in Seattle, i was enjoying some fine beverages with Greg, Alan, Bill (and Bill’s S.O.). (oh, and Pat never showed up). we were reminiscing about misspent years at WaMu, and soon afterward i had to head out to pick up Carrie from the airport.

we had just heard that we had an offer on the house, and i had just sold some car parts. so with my hubris, and disposable income, i decided to pay for all our refreshements that evening. and Bill questioned the validity of my Benjamins.

one year later, i don’t have hundreds in cash on hand. but i also don’t hate my (ineffective) boss, nor do i spend waste 3 hours total per day commuting.

posted in minutiae by mike, on August 28, 2008

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