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yay! the spammers love me.

so, the spammers decided to send emails out with domain names as the return address. if this is your first time reading due to one of these emails – congratulations! you found my mundane weblog about random boring crap that happens to me.

but i didn’t email you about viagra or stock tips. sorry.

2 responses to “yay! the spammers love me.”

Peter, Stiff says:

Dear Mikey Boy,

Thank you for your email regarding buying legal office software. While I found your offer quite intriguing, I must decline.

Due to your generous offer, however, I am finding trust that I can you with a bit of secret news that I help your need with. Be informed that approval is given to nigerian national petroleum corporation (NNPC) to begin a large scale operation. I am due to receive a sum of US $32,051,000.00 (Thirty-Two Million and Fifty Three Thousand US Dollars Only) for the purpose of my families investments.

I have been requested to come forward for the signing of the fund which is pursuance to the federal republic of nigeria foreign payments transfe 1977 as amended in 1989 to ensure raightfulk transfer of funds as directed by the beneficiary because CBN will not be liable to any wrong transfer of fun thereafter.

In order to apply for these funds it is therefore necessary that I remit an application fee to begin the process. While I am very excited to learn of this fortune, I have but simple needs for my life and the life of my family.

Based on your generous nature in sharing news of the legal software you peddle I feel I can trust you in this venture. If you can provide me assistance in remitting the application fee of $17,521.31 I would be most grateful in sharing the fortune with you taking only 1 million for myself and my families and 1 million for my churches and neighbor villaging. This would leave you the fortune of $30,051,000.00 to spend on your legal software business.

I must act quick to guarantee my right.

Please respond right away with your administrative URL for your blog, the respected user id and forgetful password you use to conquer the security of your riotous messaging system.

Alham K Askolaut

posted on August 14, 2007