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look different? new host + new software!

yes, things look quite different. let me explain.

i’ve switched web hosting companies, which in itself should not make a marked difference in the site. but while i did this, i upgraded my site to the latest release candidate of Drupal, an Open Source website management system (they call it “community plumbing” and i think that suits it well).

so now i’m on Drupal 5.0 RC1, instead of Drupal 4.7.4. this is the default theme, “Garland” with a few little tweaks. i will be further updating the php code to fix a few pecadillos that i’ve observed, but other than that, i think the out-of-the-box experience with Drupal 5.0 RC1 has been fantastic.

posted in sitenews by mike, on January 3, 2007

one response to “look different? new host + new software!”

frank says:

The site looks great. Great job, uhm, not doing anything to the default theme :->

posted on January 3, 2007