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the mikeyboy museum – 1996

this is the first high-style version of my website. prior to this, my website was in a text-based format with minimal markup since April of 1994, when i was still developing it in vi from a terminal.

the date i embedded in the HTML was August 13, 1996 – it’s quite possibly the last edit of this design before i redid everything in 1997. open it up in a new window and play around (just the single page).

interesting technical notes:

  • it scales to the browser width
  • table-based layout (be kind – this was 1996)
  • the “foreground” texture could be changed at any time, the cutout graphics are transparent gifs
  • i created the navigation graphics all by hand in photoshop, including the bevels and drop shadows (no filters yet)
  • the foreground textures i used were by permission of the artist, which i asked for specifically.
  • the water texture in the background i made with Kai’s Power Tools
  • the MIT the-tech “Made with Macintosh” page is still there! heh.

(oh, and there may be a hilariously embarassing easter egg showing what i looked like in 1996, along with some egotistical blather. fun!)