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August is here

last year on August 8th, we spent the night up at Dartmouth in the ‘Koala Suite’ – a special room in the ICN where parents room in with their babies for a night before they are discharged. a test for the parents, for sure. thankfully, they did this 2 days before Justin was allowed to come home with us (so we could get a good nights sleep in between).

we have entered week six of strict at-home bedrest for Carrie, and today marks week 31 for Lincoln. his older brother Justin is doing well, starting to tentatively take his hands off of whatever he’s standing up with. learning how to plunk down onto his bottom or if he falls forward, to catch himself with his hands.

one response to “August is here”

keva says:

keva from SC, just checking on you. glad all is well. keep baking!

posted on August 8, 2010