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in the past several months, our basis or ‘normal’ has changed a lot.

carrie was put on strict 24/7 bedrest, and i thought, okay. she’s home. i can take care of her. we can do this. and we did. guess what? “normal,” is different.

then we found out that strict bedrest at home wasn’t enough, she was transported to DHMC. 90 miles away. and i thought, okay. she’s in Lebanon. i can go back and forth. we can do this. and we did. normal changes, again.

then justin arrived 14 weeks early. we already knew he would be staying in the ICN. we hadn’t quite figured on it being three months. normal? yeah.

well, the good news is he is doing very well. he’s over 1500 grams (3lbs 5ounces). he’s doing his part – eating, breathing, pooping, sleeping, growing.

as for us? a thousand miles of driving a week. our diet is shot. trying to fit in housework when we’re actually home AND awake. but we’ve made this ‘normal.’ it’s almost commonplace.

“normal” is supposed to be crying baby waking you up. dirty diapers. spit, burp, vomit, cry. repeat. “normal” is supposed to be sleep-deprivation and frustration.

but “normal” is also supposed to be holding, rocking, bonding, teaching, learning, growing. and joy. repeat.

we are halfway between Justin’s birthday, and his original due date. normal is going to change, again. and i can’t wait.

one response to “halfway”

mom says:

normal, you will find, is forever changing. it is in the moment! holding , rocking, bonding , is soon to come. patience and prayer are of the essence now and they are working. soon you would never think Justin was ever this fragile………… when he is playing in the dirt with worms and snails. and be aware little boys tend to put these thing in their pockets and if you don’t look for them, they end up in the wash!

posted on June 27, 2009