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status update, overdue

yes, it’s overdue, but hey – we’ve been busy. 🙂

justin is doing well, breathing almost entirely on his own, and gaining weight. they are very pleased with his progress.

mom & dad are tired but happy. we’ve decided basically to spend most of the week in lebanon, taking two days off each week to stay home and get done house work, web work, and tax work. these days will vary as our schedules demand it.

when we do head up to DHMC, we either make it an early day where we arrive in time to attend the doctors’ rounds, and leave before dinner, or a late day where we arrive just after lunchtime and stay until early evening.

it’s tiring, yes, but we’re motivated, and we’re finding sleep where we can get it. alternating early/late days lets us catch up within 24 hrs.

we’re hesitant to publicly post medical info and pictures.  we will post more details when we are comfortable doing so, and we appreciate your understanding with this.

4 responses to “status update, overdue”

Peter R. Wood says:

Sounds like he’s doing great! Glad to hear the updates. I can’t imagine anyone other than your closest family and friends wanting more medical info or photos. The only people I’d worry about sending photos to is parents… in my experience they have very low tolerance for any lack of photos of a new baby, even if it’s “just another day in an isolette with some tubes…” 🙂

posted on May 20, 2009

Frank says:

Justin could not have been blessed with a more loving and generous Mom and Dad.

posted on May 21, 2009

ean says:

Hey Mike,

Just following Jusitn’s progress from over in the UK. It’s really good to hear he’s doing well. Keep the updates coming.

Ean, Reba and Isa


posted on May 21, 2009

Mindy Lambert & Family says:

Carrie and Mike,
Justin is one blessed little guy. Even Abby has asked for prayers for the 3 of you from her friends at church. I will admit I have never seen such a tiny baby and he is just so precious. Please let us knwo when I can bring Abby us to see him (I assume he won’t be out of NICU for a couple months). Abby is already looking for outfits for him. We love you guys and think of you daily.

posted on May 21, 2009