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day off

so our days hauling up to DHMC to see Justin end up being almost entirely non-productive. we take two days off per week and try to pile all the chores and projects into those two days. here’s today’s To-Do list:

  • check P.O. box
  • go shopping @ walmart
  • vacuum bedroom
  • clean bathroom(s)
  • clean out fridge
  • keg kolsch (batch of beer)
  • transfer ipa to secondary ferment (another batch of beer)
  • move stuff from upstairs freezer to downstairs freezer
  • do Justin laundry
  • finish painting guest room
  • fold all clean laundry
  • empty dishwasher
  • fill dishwasher

finished it all. tomorrow’s drive up to Lebanon will be the relaxing part of the weekend!

one response to “day off”

Frank says:

I don’t see sleep anywhere on the list?

posted on May 31, 2009