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naming the printer

this is how the conversation went.

mike: i also need to order ink
carrie: ink? for crazy printer?
mike: crazy printer, yes.
mike: perhaps it needs a name.
carrie: Let’s name it Yar.
carrie: As in Lt. Tasha Yar.
mike: which one was that again? the psychic one?
carrie: No, that was Troy.
carrie: Yar is the one that got consumed by the tar monster then replaced as chief security officer by Warf.
carrie: Since she, uh, died when consumed by the tar monster.
carrie: That was when they finally let Warf grow his hair out and look less Vulcan and more Klingon.
carrie: Before that, he looked like a Vulcan with an acne problem that got knocked in the head.
mike: hrm. okay.

posted in minutiae by mike, on March 19, 2009

one response to “naming the printer”

Mom says:

Interesting,did we have this conversation between lap tops , while having morning coffee @ the table?

posted on March 21, 2009