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Dinner with Tom, Dick, and Harry

Tis the season to suffer through spend time with family that you see only once in a blue moon.  This year–our Thanksgiving is going to be spent in Maine at my Uncle Dickie’s house.  It should be quite a treat–Mike hasn’t met my Uncle Harry yet and the last time he saw Uncle Dickie was more than 8 years ago when we were still dating.

As for “Tom” in this equation–he’s my dad.  So yes, my grandmother had three boys and named them Tom, Dick, and Harry.  Very few people believed her because while they might have one of her sons, it was rare to meet all three.  At her funeral, though, all three were lined up, in age order, and introduced.  You could see on their faces the instant folks realized that she wasn’t kidding all these years.

I’m sure this will be fun, my uncles and dad always have fun stories about their childhood and most of which are embarrassing or involve injuring my dad.   He’s 10 years older than Uncle Dickie and 13 years older than Uncle Harry.  I’m sure that we’ll hear about how Dickie tried to “brand” my dad one Saturday morning after watching a western or how my dad used to use Uncle Harry to pick up girls when Harry was 3.

For everyone out there going to spend time with family–have fun!  Remember–you only have to do this once in a blue moon.

posted in minutiae by carrie, on November 26, 2008

2 responses to “Dinner with Tom, Dick, and Harry”

mom says:

Once in a Blue Moon means every 2.72 years and the next one will be 11.21.10 just in time for another Thanksgiving!

But let’s not forget the Black Moon………….!

Note that the year 2018 (as well as 2037) will have a black moon (no full moon in the short month of February) – and this results in blue moons in both January and March.

posted on November 26, 2008

Frank says:

Happy Thanksgiving Mike. I wish you guys the best this holiday season.

posted on November 27, 2008