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all's quiet on the western front

yes, i have been quiet* for a while. though it’s good to see my better half finally post.

we’ve been doing a lot of moving, and dealing with the trappings and tribulations that are involved with getting a new house.

our new location is on the western* slope of a group of hills in the small town of Rindge, NH (incorporated 1768).

eventually we will be posting pictures and information about the progress of our projects. this one will be a bit different in scope; this house is only three years old (whereas our house in washington was 90). there’s nothing particularly notable about it; i’ve been referring to it as a “builder’s special” house. the notable part is what we will be working on.

it’s a different way for us to create value; last time it was fixing the effects of long-term neglect (and abuse) and making a house modern and livable again.

this time it’s taking a large, plain house and turning it into a showpiece. or at least, something with a bit of character and comfort.

stay tuned!

* this explains the pun in the title. heh.

posted in minutiae by mike, on October 6, 2008

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