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carrie's site launch

so, my in-house project for the past week has been one that is near and dear.

for several months now, carrie has been writing about taxes on her blog, as far as design and layout are concerned, she has picked amongst the WordPress themes that our web host has made available by default.

right before leaving for Seattle, we had a bit of a design meeting. i returned a few mockups to her and based upon her feedback, i completed the graphic design and then moved on to develop the WordPress theme and do a bit of information architecture for SEO.

so one and all, feel free to check out carrie’s (beautifully redesigned 🙂 ) blog about taxes, accounting, and all that sort of stuff! and if you like the design and need that sort of work done, feel free, also, to look up my web development services at SQUAREDESIGN.

posted in minutiae by mike, on June 7, 2008

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