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at 9:23 the bathtub fell

i previously mentioned the new neighbors across the street, the building being renovated kitty-corner from us, housing, amongst other things, the city of manchester’s new police substation. apparently they haven’t completed refurbishing all the apartments in the building, and work is ongoing.

every day i hear random crashes as lazy workmen heave things off the 3rd story balcony into the dumpster below. (the jewler located just on the opposite side of the wall must really enjoy this cacophony while he tries to do his precision work).  i’ve started to tune it out, as much as one can tune out random crashes, or how your monitor shakes when a tractor trailer drives by.

this morning at 9:23am they heaved a bathtub off the balcony to the street below. it was heavy enough that it took 3 of these clowns to wrestle it into their ridiculous pickup truck afterwards.

one might be under the impression that there were laws against such threats to public safety and sanctity. if only there was a police station nearby!

posted in minutiae by mike, on February 19, 2008

one response to “at 9:23 the bathtub fell”

mom says:

just wait until summer, i am sure things will get more interesting……do you have the number for the police station, in a handy location, if you should need it?
PS sorry for your rear view mirror.

posted on February 19, 2008