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beer sunday

so, today ended up being mostly dedicated to beer. we started in the morning, formulating recipes for a Lager, and an Amber that’s mostly based on a clone recipe from McNeil’s Brewery in Vermont.

today we brewed the Lager, and i cleaned & sanitized kegs whilst we were steeping the specialty grains. the Lager will remain in primary fermentation for several weeks, then move to secondary fermentation for quite a while longer.

on friday, we brewed a derivation on our winter beer. it started out as a clone brew of Pyramid Brewing‘s SnowCap from 2003, but has since been altered in almost every dimension. it’s fermenting furiously in primary and should be moving to secondary fermentation soon.

yes, this was a mundane post about brewing. my apologies. 🙂

posted in minutiae by mike, on November 25, 2007

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