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today: gave notice, drank much.

so, this is it. i can finally talk publicly about our plans. to all the 3 people that read my blog (hi mom, hi ma, hi hon!)

anyway. today i gave notice, in two weeks time i will no longer be an employee of the huge corporate overlord bank that i currently work for. i’ll comment about that later.

carrie and i are moving back to new england. our house is on the market. our stuff is on a train somewhere. all i know is, tonight my wife is 3000 miles away, my cats are with her, i’m sleeping on an air mattress in a beautiful (empty) house – and i just finished a 22oz bottle of lagunitas Undercover bitter ale (9.8%) and now i want to sleep. a lot.

posted in minutiae by mike, on August 14, 2007

one response to “today: gave notice, drank much.”

Frank Bascio says:

Best of luck on your new adventure Mike.

ps. don’t call me hon

posted on August 15, 2007