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the containers have arrived, have been emptied

so, carrie reports to me that the local movers she hired in manchester have unloaded the UPack containers from ABF, and the containers have been removed.

if you don’t know what i’m talking about, we moved in these (well, we only needed 2 of the 3):


all in all it was a positive experience. they drop them off, you get 3 business days to load them (which meant 5 real days for us – get them delivered mid-week and the weekend is free). they pick them up, and take them to your new place. after you arrange a drop-off date/time, you get 3 business days to unload them also. they can store them, too, if you don’t need them delivered right away.

we’ve previously been the victims of one of those “we loaded your stuff and now it weighs twice what we estimated so we want thousands of dollars extra or you don’t get your stuff back” scams, and sadly it was by representatives of a nationally-known moving company that shall remain nameless here bUt i might hiNt at theIr name creaTivEly, eD.

this is much better. i got to pack everything, i would have unpacked everything (but i’m back in seattle) so carrie employed some good local fellows to carry everything up to the 2nd floor, we paid a flat fee per container, and if anything is broken — it’s my fault.

posted in minutiae by mike, on August 21, 2007

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