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last time i have to…

so, for the past few weeks i’ve been aware of random things that were the “last time i have to” do something. like – last time i fly into SEATAC (well, last time i fly home to SEATAC).

yesterday was: last time i ride the bus to/from work. today has been full of lasts. last time i post to my corporate blog, last time i attend my daily meeting. last time i get coffee @ the starbucks downstairs. last time i get water from the water filter machine. heh.

in about 20 minutes, it’ll be the last time leave the 39th floor. gonna miss the view, that’s for sure.

posted in minutiae by mike, on August 28, 2007

one response to “last time i have to…”

Frank Bascio says:


good luck Mike. I hope the new door that is opening for you has what you are looking for.


posted on August 28, 2007