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about the weather

this has been a summer for wacky weather in western washington. we went through a 2 week period of well above average temperatures, followed by a week of clouds, fog, and rain.

we usually have a couple of warm spells in the summer (up into the 90’s) but the typical summer here is highs in the mid 70’s, dry, and sunny. lows at night in the 50s. repeat.

yes, this is what the “rains all the time” propagandists don’t want me to tell you, because now you’ll want to move here. the “dry season” however only lasts from around July 5th through October 1st. the “rainy season*” occupies the bulk of the calendar, where we can expect gray clouds and drizzle every day.

* i laughed when i first heard “the rainy season” referring to our climate here. it played back in my mind like Lorne Greene narrating for New Wilderness… “the rainy season, settles over the Serengeti. all the animals seek shelter.”

posted in minutiae by mike, on July 26, 2007

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