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182.6 – leveling off

just a quick update on the weight thing. i’ve been in the mid 180’s for a couple months now. it fluctuates with activity level and what i’ve eaten in particular, but in general, that’s where i’m at. this morning was 182.6, but, i shoveled 3 yards of rock yesterday evening.

i think this is where i’ll be at for a while. what i eat & drink is sustainable (yes, beer is included. if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be sustainable.) the only thing that will differ, is when the house is finished, i’ll need to take up a hobby that keeps my activity level up.

posted in minutiae by mike, on July 25, 2007

one response to “182.6 – leveling off”

Frank Bascio says:

What does that equate to on our midevil BMI calculator? More importantly, let’s see those before and after shots (private parts blacked out please)


posted on July 25, 2007