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41 Days – Update

so, a while back i announced our 50 Days plan for getting the house finished before our next vacation. we’ve made progress – i don’t have pictures right now but i will. just a bulleted list:

  • driveway/sidewalk gravel: done
  • garage painted (to match the house): 50% done
  • paint underneath back porch: 90% done
  • deck stairs + handrails: done
  • lattice for new handrails: 50% done
  • locate designer for kitchen/bathroom: done
  • locate plumber for bathroom: done
  • get materials for kitchen: 75% done

been busy!

one response to “41 Days – Update”

Frank Bascio says:

Can I get a desktop widget? when I get the day count wrong the response is pretty harsh. 🙂


posted on June 26, 2007