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bonfires, amplifiers, flyers

so, we took a step back this weekend for a bit. in addition to home improvement duties, we took in a concert at the white river amphitheatre. it was brad paisley’s bonfires & amplifiers tour. opening for brad were: taylor swift, jack ingram, and kellie pickler.

ancilliary highlights of the evening:

a $4 Cup of unsweetened tea
good because it was unsweetened, and $4 was alright because it had to be about 1/2 a gallon.
new songs
brad played new songs from his forthcoming album, including “i’m so much cooler online” which of course, i can relate to.
mystery guest
they were shooting the video for the above mentioned new song @ white river, and to everyone’s surprise, we all got to see what part jason alexander would be playing in it!

i mentioned Flyers also, didn’t i? on sunday, we took a drive out to Oak Harbor, WA to have dinner at Flyer’s Restaurant (warning: sound). they have a very interesting menu, and very good beer. in particular, we were seeking their NABA, GABF, and WBC medal-winning Porter.

posted in minutiae by mike, on May 30, 2007

one response to “bonfires, amplifiers, flyers”

Frank Bascio says:

Jason Alexander? The guy from Seinfeld? Hasn’t everything he has touched after seinfeld turned to lead and sunk?

posted on May 30, 2007