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a refreshing change

this weekend, in addition to the usual home improvement and homework activities, we decided we needed a break from everything, and took a quick 1/2 day jaunt up to Bellingham, WA.

we first set out to go straight to Re Store, but they up and moved on us! given our limited knowledge of the local area, we decided to turn the trip around, and instead go first to Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, our perennial favorite spot in b-ham.

there we enjoyed a few schooners (half-pints) of their house brews – specifically, Cabin Fever, Dry Irish Stout, and Amber. lunch was great — carrie had Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich and i enjoyed a Falafel.

the BB folks helped us find the new location of Re-Store, and thankfully they now close at 5pm on sundays. we picked up a few random things (as we always do) and then before heading home, we stopped at The Community Food Coop for random hippie food and whatnot.

that’s what counts for excitement nowadays, since i’m in school and carrie’s doing taxes feverishly. more activity on both the home improvement, and the fun & travel topics, to come this summer, i’m sure!

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