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1/3 of a long weekend spent on the house

last weekend we had one amazing day of weather (saturday). like, upper 60s and sunny. i took advantage of this to clean up the yard, re-cut some landscape edges, do some random work in the front. but the big news, is that i smashed my finger with a hammer.

okay, smashing my finger was not good, especially not for how much it bled. (it’s getting better). but what i was doing at the time, was installing the last piece of lattice on the deck. finally had good enough weather to put another coat of paint on it.

will try to get pictures this weekend. now all i have to do is put together the “gate” at the end of the deck, and it’ll be 100% done.

… and it sounds like i’m out of practice with swinging a hammer. this summer will surely fix that.

posted in house by mike, on February 22, 2007

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