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it begins, again.

just in case anyone was concerned that i would have extra time on my hands, we’ve taken care of that.

this week i enrolled in and began taking college courses again, after having worked exclusively since 1996. boy things are different now, especially taking classes online!

as carrie pointed out, it’s come full circle: i left college to do work online. now i’m going online to return to college. read on to get the details of the program & classes.

the degree i’m pursuing is a joint program between Edmonds Community College and Washington State University. the joint BA degree program will start me off towards an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Edmonds, and upon successful completion of that, automatically enrolls me into an online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Management of Information Systems program at WSU.

if all goes well, i should be able to complete the AA degree by the end of Winter quarter 2008 (that’s March, 2008) and then i’m hoping to complete the online BA program by the following summer (June 2009).

yes, this is daunting. but as has been pointed out to me – if i had started this 2-1/2 years ago, i’d be done now.

enough blogging, i have to go back to studying!

posted in minutiae by mike, on January 7, 2007

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