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new building, new desk. awesome!

so, as i sit here at work, supporting a software deploy, i’m compelled to blog about my new office space. my team just moved to a new building (and by new, i mean brand new). 39th floor. it’s absolutely amazing.

read on for more details and pictures, but here’s a teaser — this is the view as i approach my cube.

approaching my desk, 1

approaching my desk, 2

my desk, 1

my desk, 2

my desk, 3

the pictures say it all. comfortable desk, new building, amazing view. my entire team is dumbfounded and appreciative.

oh, and here’s exactly what i can see when i lean back from my chair…

view from my desk if i lean back a bit

and straight out the window at the end of my aisle

out the window at work

posted in minutiae by mike, on October 22, 2006

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