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chilly northwest

so, here in the Pacific Northwest (or “PNW”), at least on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, we’re used to moderate temperatures. this is all thanks to the enormous body of water that most of our weather travels over before arriving here.

this weekend shifted to a pattern from the north/northwest instead of the west/southwest — which means the air comes from a much colder place. last night we dipped into the 20’s, and are looking at the same for tonight. our average lows for this time of year are around 40 degrees. (yes, this is all fahrenheit).

so, we’re bundling up and keeping the woodstove going at night. and wishing (at least i am) that i’d gotten more done outside when the weather was nicer. oh well.

parents: dress the kids up as something warm — an eskimo, perhaps, or even the michelin man? otherwise they might come back from trick-or-treating tomorrow looking like popsicles.

posted in minutiae by mike, on October 30, 2006

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