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i can't stop the world

the goo goo dolls, on the ipod, who i’m seeing perform with the counting crows tonight at white river amphitheatre in auburn, wa. looking forward to it – these two bands have been guilty pleasures of mine for a while. so what’s been going on?

well, the work on the back of the house is in full swing. i have to say that i haven’t been the leading proponent; carrie has been kicking ass working on the deck. we’ve shortened it and are working now to replace the boards that need replacing. also carrie’s been cleaning the entire thing (not a small feat) and painting. we’ve decided to go with painting the square lattice under the handrails white, and staining everything else with a whitewash stain. it should look great with the new slate blue/blue/white scheme for the house.

also we’ve had a setback in the tree stump category. we thought we had 2 smaller stumps to remove between the deck and the fence in the back. we removed what we thought was the larger, and i recently got started on what we believed to be the smaller. well, turns out this may be the largest stump we’ve had to remove to date. one of the fenceposts is actually set [em]into[/em] the stump.

so, we’ll probably be talking to our neighbor about taking down 2 sections of fence and that post, so we can remove the stump and then reinstall the fence when we’re done. my advice to anyone who is having trees felled – get a price on removing the stump, too please. please. for the good of the future. please. thank you.

otherwise, just working on the house where we can. raising foster kittens. enjoying some good beer. the usual.

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